Policy on Acceptable Games

Our organization prides itself on inclusivity of content, but even more so, on inclusivity of people. When those goals find themselves at odds, we have always sided with the people. As a result, we have in the past encountered certain material that we were not comfortable presenting.

We wish it were easy to definitively say in black and white what is and isn't okay. The truth is, what is and isn't okay is different for everybody, so it's up to us all as a community to try to use good faith judgement to try and recognize the stuff that crosses the line when we see it. We believe games should celebrate diversity rather than bludgeon people with what makes them different. We support having fun with people, but not making fun of them. We support narratives that explore serious subjects in an appropriately serious manner. We're fine with tropes, but aren't okay with stereotypes. Fundamentally, we believe that everyone at the table should feel equally respected at all times, and any game that casts doubt on that respect that is going to give us pause.

We recognize that some material that we find acceptable will still be controversial or upsetting to some. We also recognize that no material that we consider objectionable will offend 100% of people. With as many games as we process, it isn't possible for us to individually and manually vet every game in our database.

Adult Content

We do not permit support of adult and adult-themed games, including games with adult language and those with art depicting nudity or sex acts. We require all of our judges to be at least 18 years of age.

Our staff will review any game suspected to contain adult material and may refuse any game at its discretion. We will not permit any game that glorifies sexual violence, sexual assault, non-consentual sex, or sexual acts involving minors.

Discriminatory Content

We will not permit content that is deemed to be discriminatory or stereotypical toward any group, including but not limited to race, gender status, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or disability. We will, on a case-by-case basis, evalulate material that depicts discrimination in a real-world historical context.

Intellectual Property Violations

We will not knowingly permit content that violates the copyrights or trademarks of another entity.