Beard Snacks

In Beard Snacks everyone has a beard, but who has the most bodacious beard around? 2-5 players will compete to grow their beard by collecting morsels of food. And what better place to store those morsels of food than in the beard you are trying to grow! But watch out. Your furry opponents will try to thwart your facial follicle feats. They’ll attempt to wipe your beard clean with a napkin, trim you a bit with scissors or even use a razor and shaving cream. Watch out for those endangered birds that will try to build a nest in your beard, too! Luckily you have some tools like a bib and beard balm to help you along. Before you know it, you’ll have long, luscious locks growing below your lips!

Using hand management, you'll make pairs and sets of food to have snacks and meals. This will gain you crumbs and morsels of food that you'll store in your beard. When you have enough food stored in your beard you'll be able to grow your beard by spending morsel tokens to acquire new beard cards. You'll also have the opportunity to play Action cards, like Scissors, Comb, Napkin, and Toothpick that may hinder your opponents or help you. Defensive cards, like Bib and Beard Balm can counter some offensive cards. Endangered Birds might even build a nest in your beard, limiting what you can do, but they'll leave behind a mystery morsel when they leave!

Featuring lots of player interaction, simple, but strategic gameplay, and a humorous theme, Beard Snacks plays quickly and doesn't overstay it's welcome, even with a full complement of five players. Beard Snacks has been very well received at multiple Protospiel events and has been thoroughly playtested and enjoyed by casual and experienced gamers alike.


Engine Building, Set Collection, Take That, Hand Management, Resource Management


Beards, Food, Humor